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Helping Wuhan, We are on the move. ESound Med

“We are United as one, and the lonely city is not alone.”

–Yadong Yang, general manager of ESound Med
Masks are donated to Wuhan

Recently, various media have reported that there is an urgent shortage of medical protective equipment in medical institutions. ESound Med has actively assumed social responsibility and made every effort to do a good job in novel coronavirus’s epidemic prevention work to maximize the supply of epidemic prevention materials.
The company maintains price stability, never bid up prices, resolutely resists acts that disturb market order, actively cooperates with relevant state departments to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and ESound Med does its best to contribute to epidemic prevention.
ESound Med has the courage to assume social responsibility, responded positively to the call, and joined Xiaomi, a famous enterprise, to assist Wuhan medical protection products to start a war to stop the epidemic.
On the first day of the Lunar New year this year, the company’s overtime workers arranged production on 24-hour shifts, meticulously producing protective equipment, and the managers also gave up vacations, strengthened quality control, and made every effort to ensure the quality of medical masks and other protective products. Fully reflect the “ESound Med focus on quality, concentrate on making good products” spirit of enterprise.
When they learned that major hospitals in Hubei were in urgent need of medical supplies such as medical masks and medical gloves, People of ESound Med knew very well that soldiers who went to the battlefield could not do without guns. Medical personnel who went to the front could not do without medical protective products. “the company is always concerned about the situation of the epidemic area, does its best to ensure the continuous supply of medical materials, and will give priority to sending it to the hospital.”
Yang Yadong, general manager of ESound Med Co., Ltd., said, “We are United as one, and the lonely city is not alone.”
As long as we work with one heart and one mind to build prevention and control dams, we will certainly overcome the epidemic.
At the same time, protective products such as medical masks are urgently needed for epidemic prevention. ESound Med calls on middlemen not to bid up prices, not to take the opportunity to hoard goods, so that medical staff can wear face masks.

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