ESound Med

ESound Med Disposable Absorbrnt Medical Gauze Pad

【Material】:Made of 100% high-quality pure cotton yarn after degreasing and bleaching. It is white, soft, and has strong water absorption.
【 Style】:Non-developing line and With developing line.
【 Size】:L(50-2200) mm*W(50-2200) mm*(1ply-16ply).
【Reduce risk 】:This soft swab gauze has less fluff and no thread, which can reduce the risk of wound irritation.
【 Scope of application】:Suitable for all kinds of acute wound care.



X-Ray threadwith x-ray line/without x-ray line
 Edges Folded/Non Folded
size L(50-2200) mm*W(50-2200) mm*(1ply-16ply)
Ply  1-16

II.【Sterile Gauze Swab Application】:


A.Sterile Gauze Swab can be used for various wound care such as exudate absorption, cleaning and disinfection and dressing care.

B.Ordinary grade products are generally used for cleaning; and sterile grade soft swab gauze can be used by medical units for one-time use during surgery or wound care, after opening the package.

C.Sterile Gauze Swabs with developing lines are mostly used in operating rooms after sterilization, which is safe and convenient.


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