ESound Med

ESound Med Medical Cotton Ball

【Material】:100% cotton, soft and absorbent.
【 Lightweight】:Allowing the site of injury to breath, assisting in the healing process .
【 Safty】:Non-fluorescent agent, non-poisonous, non-stimulation, non-sensitization.
【 Scope of application】:Suitable for Injury, Wound, and Trauma.


100% cotton as raw material, processed by degreasing and bleaching.

II.【Scope of application】:
A. Cotton ball is designed to clean or cover minor wounds, absorb light exudate or cover minor wounds.
B. It is can be used for absorption during surgical operation after sterilize.

III.【Clinical advantage】:
A. 100% hydrophilic cotton.
B. Soft and very absorbent.
C.Non-fluorescent agent, non-poisonous, non-stimulation, non-sensitization.
D. Suitable for daily skin cleansing.


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