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ESound Med 3ply Surgical Mask Large Size Planar with standard EN 14683 type IIR

*When trying to avoid and protect ourselves from the virus and flu, nothing beats proper hygiene and protection should always come first. This is why ESound Surgical Face Masks are highly versatile since it offers the best protection from viral contamination during clean up tasks, general cleaning, and exposure due to daily public commuting. This provides our consumers with enhanced safety protection against pathogens and infectious viruses.

*It offers a 3-layer protection system of purifying dust, toxic gases in the air, and tested skin-friendly filter cloth. Not only
that it helps reduce the risk of respiratory problems, it also promotes an effective protection for you against dust, allergens, contaminants, contagious viral and bacterial diseases and deadly pathogens.

3 ply / 3 layers

pleated face masks

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* Elastic inner ear loop with nose wire and safety border for comfortable fitting
* Adjustable nose piece for easy use
* Disposable material environment friendly. Use and throw away.
* High quality material for protection
* Soft and hypoallergenic
* Non-woven fabric
* 3-layer filtering method for maximum protection


green, blue


17.5*9.5cm, L


YY 0469-2011, EN 14683 type IIR, type II, type I, ASTM F2100 level 3, levle 2, level 1



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