ESound Med

ESound Med Disposable Medical Surgical Face Masks tie on with head straps

Splash Resistant

17.5*9.5 cm

EN 14683:2019 type IIR, YY-0469, ASTM F2100 level3

Instructions For Medical Surgical Mask


[Product]: Medical Surgical Mask

[Specifications]: Classification: Planar

Size: Large(17.5×9.5, 16.5×8)

Medium(14.5×9.5, 13.5×8)

Small(12×7.5, 10×6.5) Unit: cm

[Production License Number]: No. 20160050 of Henan Food and Drug Administration Production License

[Registration Number]: Henan Medical Device Registration Certificate 20182140616

[Product Technical Requirement Number]: Henan Medical Device Registration Certificate 20182140616

[Range of Application]: Applied to Provide Basic Protection for Medical Staff and Relevant Staff and Prevent the Spread of Bodily Fluid and Splash in the Operating Progress.

[Structure and Composition]: This Product Consists of a Mask Body (Made of Non-Woven Fabrics and Polypropylene Melt-blown Fabrics), a Nose Clip and Elastic Cords.

[Product Performance]: Details in the Product Technical Requirements

[Instructions]: Please Follow the Instructions Below before Using

  1. Open the Package and Hold the Mask in Hands. The Face with Nose Clip is the Front Face. Avoid Contact with the Internal Side of the Mask. Put the Fingertip on the Nose Clip and Have the Elastic Cords Hung Naturally.
  2. With the Nose Clip Facing Upwards, Have the Mask Attached to the Chin. Then Buckle Up the Upper Cords Behind Your Ears and The Lower Cords around Your Neck.
  3. Use the Index Finger of Both Hands to Pinch the Metal Strip or Stiff Edge of the Mask Sideways from the Middle So It Takes the Shape of Your Nose Bridge. Make Sure the Mask Fits Your Face-Shape.
  4. When Removing the Mask, Avoid Touching the Front of the Mask (The Front of the Mask is Contaminated). Only Touch the Ear Ties and Throw the Mask into the Medical Waste Container.

[Storage Requirements]: Store in a Dry and Clean Warehouse with Excellent Ventilation and No Corrosive Gas

Where the Relative Humidity Is Less than 80%.

[Production Date]: On the Package.

[Expiration date]: On the Package.

[Contraindications]: Not Found Yet.


  1. After Ethylene Oxide Sterilization, the Sterility Remains Valid for Two Years.
  2. The Date of Sterilization Is Printed on the Outer Package Box.
  3. Check Whether the Package is Intact Before Use. Confirm the Label, Production Date and Validity Period of Sterility. Use Within the Validity Period of Sterility.
  4. Do Not Use If the Package is Damaged.
  5. The Product Should Be Used As Soon As Possible After The Package is Opened.
  6. This Product is Disposable and Forbidden to Reuse. After Use, Please Dispose In Accordance With The Requirements of “Regulations of Medical Waste”.

Disposable        Aseptic               Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

[Registrant Name]: ESound Medical Device Co., Ltd.

[Address]: High-Tech Medical Device Industrial Park, Changyuan County

[Contact]: 0373-7152666

[After-Sales Service Unit]: ESound Medical Device Co., Ltd.

[Registrant Organization]: ESound Medical Device Co., Ltd.

[Address]: High-Tech Medical Device Industrial Park, Changyuan County

[Production Address]: High-Tech Medical Device Industrial Park, Changyuan County

[Contact]: 0373-7152666

[Date of Compilation]: July 18, 2019




  1. Thomas König

    I ordered 100 pieces of tie on surgical masks for the private usage. It is very difficult to buy tie on masks in Germany and I prefer wearing them instead of elastic band mask that you put on your ears. The price of the product was very fair and although I had to pay the transportation costs on my own it was still a good price comparing to other traders. The ordering and payment process was very fast and I got my masks within four days. The masks are of a good quality. They were very nice packed. I’ve even got a bag with the company logo. The trader was very nice and I am very well supplied at the moment but I’m sure I will cooperate with this firm again when my supplies go low.

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